As things stand today......

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As it stands today this season has been

A huge fucking let down
A little bit shit
What I expected, pep needs time
No problem, I can see the improvement
Total votes : 66

Re: As things stand today......

Postby Justified logic » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:41 am

carl_feedthegoat wrote:
freshie wrote:
carl_feedthegoat wrote:Ive slagged him off but since have found out that he actually wanted 7 signings which he DID NOT get during the summer ,so basically its that fucking spanish cunt that needs to go do one ffs !!!!

Ill write off this season based on this new info that has come to light as LONG AS he gets us in 3rd spot and a decent run to the final in the FA cup...he doesn't even need to win it ( how can he with the fucking spastics he has available in defense!!)

I like PEP and I think he will eventually do the job he was brought in to far as this season is concerned -
well its been typical City imo.....gave us a hard on but we end up wanking instead of fucking.

Can you shed any more light on this? Who are these 7 signings and what is your source?

It was on newsnow mate , apparently he asked for seven signings last summer but they wanted to spread it over 2 summer windows..........if its true , and I see no reason why not , then Im all for letting PeP have this shit season as a long as he finishes off in at least 3rd spot and we get to the final of the FA.

and a really, really good LB-cum-CB-cum-RB that we never got
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Re: As things stand today......

Postby dazby » Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:52 pm

Those first ten games created the rod for his back. We were so impressive. Then came Bravo.

I love watching us play at the moment but I'm disappointed we aren't with a sniff of the league title.

If only KDB was able to get his shot on target against Chelsea. Small margins...

I'm in between the first two options. It's not a bit shit. It's shit.
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Re: As things stand today......

Postby Moonchesteri » Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:01 pm

Throwing away a realistic chance to win a trophy for a pursuit of the glorious round of 16 in CL and the world famous Wenger Cup.

Yeah, I think a little bit shit is quite fair at this stage.
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