Next PL Game Stoke At Home Saturday 14th October

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Re: Next PL Game Stoke At Home Saturday 14th October

Postby Swales4ever » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:03 pm

Mikhail Chigorin wrote:This is the week-end that the officials turn us over.

I think all that goes on will see us defeated 0-1.

Fingers crosed I'm way off beam with this.

You really gotta love MC!

I mean... the man's probably annoyed at thinking that perhaps, a very short spell of calls on season earliests, maybe influenced by a mild access of that typical sentiment, may have dealt a little blow to his high profile football intelligence... ;)

Nonetheless, likewise a modern Sir Lancelot du Lac, he keeps the pantomime going, having his wisdom recognised that it may add a little coin to sake of City's glory.

You can't have a more illustrious showing of unlimited love for the God's Own Club.

1. "unintelligible language"
3. "never once fails to turn a football thread into a himseelf thread"
4. "thumbs stalker often resulting in repetitive thumb strain"
5. ignore the cunt. he's on permantent wum mission. only TIDs may know City

You'd need to make a very good psychiatrist in order to guess what next in a eight yrs long line of hatred...

In Roger Ailes/Donnie Drumpf's words: "don't know it for a fact, but many people say so..."
there must be some truth, then!
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Re: Next PL Game Stoke At Home Saturday 14th October

Postby nottsblue » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:12 pm

Justified logic wrote:Sterling better not go touching anyone in the box.

Leave that to Harvey Weinstein
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Re: Next PL Game Stoke At Home Saturday 14th October

Postby CrownPointBlue » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:42 pm

Clean sheet victory.
No injuries.
No cards.
Good runs for Baby Silva,Gundo & Yaya.
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