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Postby Hazy2 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:09 pm

Hazy2 wrote:
Dubciteh wrote:
Hazy2 wrote:Keep it going Jordan. Scary to think how good he could be. Delighted for him and Gareth, brave decision and it has worked out 100%.

I will save you the anticipation mate, he wont be world class. Thats not to say he doesnt deserve credit, he has done well but is fundamentally flawed imo. Would never play for Pep.

Don't worry about me Mate he has been a breath of fresh air, This is not City Dubs. World Class what is that anyway. Germany, Spain the Argies, Brazil, all have so called WC players,B.S label. England have a team 1st & fair play to Gareth Southgate he has me watching England again ! Jordan who with club rivalries set aside has made the summer amazing along with Raheem and co, whilst it's still on I support them all including Lingard after it ends, WELLLLLLL.

They can do one. For now happy days for me bring on WED I CANNOT WAIT !

ps except the cunt Phil Jones he is a cunt..
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